Thursday, September 27, 2012


I love American Girl Dolls! They are so fun to dress up, do their hair, and read their books.  Not many teens embrace the idea of having "dolls," but I sure do! After 7 years of collecting, this is my FINAL doll collection!

Samantha: My first doll, I LOVE her! She is retired, which makes her super special to me, and she has such a classic style. :)

Kaya: I like her because she is ethnic and unique. She is super cute :)

Elizabeth: Her hair is my favorite! It is so long and very fun to play with!

Ruthie: After customizing and making her hair straight, she is like a mini me!

Dakota: The FIRST doll I had purchased at the American Girl Place! I had such a fun time there, and she is a lovely doll. (JLY #19)

Gwen: I love the message of the Chrissa books, and love her hair/eye combo :)

Lia: My gorgeous doll! She is one of my faves because she is so unique!

Maggie: I love her in glasses! She looks great with her blonde hi lights! Her blue eyes are gorgeous with her freckles :)

Quinn: I love her curly red hair! Her hair is so fun to do and looks amazing in any style!

And my Latest Addition:

Mckenna Brooks! The doll I thought I'd never get... I saw her online, and she looks really weird on the site!
But, I saw her in person and HAD to get her! Her hair is amazing because there is no part and it is the BEST to style!

Hope you liked this!

Stella <3

P.S.  I did not make this to brag. I am also not showing off. I saved up my money and purchased 6 of them on my own. I love and use every single one of them and put a lot of time and effort into researching every doll that I would like to purchase.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A lovely introduction

Hi Ladies!

My Name is Stella, and some of you may know me as SavingSavvy or Aquamarine. I used to have a blog, but was young(er) and didn't have time of commit. Now I do! My blog will be about:

1. Anything and Everything AG
2. A bit about me
3. Fun things for YOU to do

I am really excited to start, and please, if you are at all interested, hit that handy dandy "Subscribe" button over here. ---------------->

Peace, Love, Ag

Stella <3